Rock N' Roll from Los Angeles, CA, USA 

The Claws formed in April 2017. The Claws play rock n roll in it's purest sense, from the soul, from the heart, from the gut. Having years of experience slugging it out all over the planet, in dives, and in arenas, the members of The Claws have been molded into the audio equivalent of a barely legal bottle of scotch. 

The band pulls it's influences from many sources. Musically, the band cites the Stones, the Replacements, Beatles, Chuck Berry, New York Dolls, 77 era punk, Iggy, Johnny Cash, Dylan, Elvis (both Costello & Presley), AC/DC, Big Star, Van Halen etc etc etc. 

The band also cites non-musical influences such as authors like Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, directors like John Carpenter, David Lynch, and many, many other artistic influences from across the map. 

The band.. 

Chad Cherry - Lead vocals 

Having left Grand Rapids, MI at an early age, CC eventually joined hard-rockers the Last Vegas and toured the USA & Europe multiple times, and shared the stage with some of rock n roll's biggest names. CC has cultivated his vocal style & stage presence through years of touring & recording, and tearing up a stage comes naturally to this cool cat. 

Gary Martin - Guitars & vocals 

GM spent years slugging it out in relative obscurity, as an active member of the Pittsburgh PA music scene. While having never reached any level other than 'local', GM was a part of some top-notch bands, including The CosmoSonics, and The Science Fiction Idols. This experience, plus his eventual move to the music mecca of Los Angeles, ultimately helped GM become an excellent songwriter and a multi-talented guitarist and vocalist.

Johnny Dzubak – Guitars 

Johnny D was born & raised in western Pennsylvania, and eventually made his way south. JD hooked up with North Carolina’s hard rocking Leadfoot, which featured some ex-C.O.C. members. During his tenure in the NYC music scene, JD played guitar with The Drew Blood. Now residing in L.A, JD has had the pleasure of playing for punk pioneer Mike Hudson (The Pagans). 

Terry Love - Bass 

Born & raised in LA. When you can claim L.A. since birth, and you are as talented a bassist as TL, you are going to acquire experience. TL has a ton, both studio and on the road. Having toured with notables like Texas Terri,  and Charlie Overbey & the Broken Arrows, TL has developed a style all his own. With his talent and team-first attitude, TL is the perfect bassist to lay down the groove for The Claws. 

Tony Pacheco - Drums 

Another SoCal native, Tony P was born and raised in sunny Pasadena CA. TP crashed his first cymbal at the age of ten, and since then, has shared the stage with a who’s who of LA rock n roll luminaries, including Izzy Stradlin, and MCA recording artists Smile. Tony has played every famous venue in Hollywood, and also some of the infamous ones. Tony provides a slamming, solid foundation for The Claws.